allSnap version history

1.50 BetaJuly, 2010
No install, uses ini file
Separate 32,64 bit versions. Can run at the same time
Attempts to avoid Windows 7 crash due to aero snap
1.32 BetaNov, 2005
added a snap to grid, fixed skined snapping while sizing a bit
1.31 Beta 3Apr 15, 2004
Should now run in 9x again
1.31 Beta 2Mar 20, 2004
Should now not snap to completely covered windows
1.30.6 Release  Mar 19, 2004
Fixed context sensitive help menu
1.31 BetaFeb 07, 2004
Added desktop icon auto 'align to grid' advanced option (XP already has this)
1.30 Release Jan 19, 2004
Release build of latest beta version
1.30 Beta 4Feb 19, 2002
removed faulty clipping support (e.g winshade) while sizing. (caused flickering while sizing right side in XP.)
no longer snaps vertically when only sizing horizontally
1.30 Beta 3Dec 30, 2002
fixed problems with last corner fix: when corners line up with inside of window. when snapping to corner with another directly on top
made sounds async so they keep up
made about box modal.
now both focuses propsheet and opens context menu when tray icon is right clicked after propsheet is already opened.
fixed bug with sizing
added debug console (right click tray icon).
Beta version is now from debug build.
fixed multi_sz loading/saving.
1.30 Beta 2Dec 3, 2002
Fixed problem with windows that can snap to both an outside corner and another closer window
Added check to help prevent error that occurs when the focus is stolen while moving/sizing
1.30 Beta Nov 22, 2002
added separate desktop snap threshold
added vertical / horizontal snap
added "constrain windows to screen" advanced option
improved snap selection code
fixed "Crop top" disabling
ignores WindowFX 2.0 shadows
supports windows with set regions (e.g. winshade)
added registry MULTI_SZ key to list all ignored window class names
added registry MULTI_SZ key to list all custom skinned window class names
1.25 Aug 25, 2002
fixed disable snapping
added hide icon setting
added XP style tray icon
added styleXP work-around